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NFPA 13 – 2022 Edition

Standard of the installation of Sprinkler Systems

Your expertise in understanding how to locate, interpret, and apply requirements for automatic sprinkler systems plays a critical role in helping protect lives and property and reducing loss in a fire. NFPA 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems (2022) Training walks you through a realistic digital manufacturing and warehousing facility where you will need to apply requirements, investigate solutions, and make critical decisions in real-time. The interactive instruction spans the range of NFPA 13 criteria to help increase your proficiency in designing, installing, and analyzing sprinkler systems.

Participants receive a robust overview of fire sprinkler system protection strategies through collaborative exercises and instructor-led discussions.

Available dates
Seminar duration: 1 day {{d.planning.length}} days
Course topics include:
  • Design fundamentals of new installations
  • Assessment of existing sprinkler systems
  • New industry trends and technologies
  • Examining developing hazards and concerns
Course content covers the ability to:
  • Describe fire sprinkler system types and system components.
  • Select appropriate occupancy and commodity hazard classifications.
  • Analyze design issues in both single- and multi-occupancy use buildings.
  • Select the appropriate sprinkler system for a given building occupancy.
  • Identify specific criteria used to select an NFPA 13 compliant system.
  • Compare the differences in CMDA, CMSA, and ESFR sprinklers that affect system design choices.
  • Determine minimum water supply requirements.
  • Analyze the critical effects of changes to the water supply in existing systems.
  • Identify basic hydraulic principles and how they impact a given system.
  • Implement a systematic approach to sprinkler system design and analysis.
Why to attend?
  • Are you interested in fire safety?
  • Are you responsible of fire safety of any premise?
  • Are you planning to have a new fire safety system for your premise and have questions about the right system for your facility?
  • Are you designing and/or installing water-based fire protection systems?
  • Are you responsible of approving any fire safety?
  • Are you supplying water-based firefighting systems?
  • Do you have questions about how to use the standard?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then you are navigating through the right training program to improve your fire safety knowhow, remain current with the latest developments and practices.

This  training program will give you the opportunity to deep dive in NFPA 13 requirements in a multinational participant group with the guidance of NFPA instructor.

Upon completion of this training you will have chance to enter NFPA 13 online exam to certificate your effort and receive an achievement certificate from NFPA when you pass the exam .

Who should attend?

NFPA standards are the most commonly applied standards all around the world. If you have worked with these standards and/or planning to work with these standards, this is the opportunity to get in depth knowledge about NFPA standards.

Therefore, anyone responsible for ensuring water-based fire suppression systems work as intended in an emergency including engineers, plan reviewers, designers, installers, inspectors, manufacturers, insurers, consultants, and project managers shall attend this training.

What is included?
  • Online access to related NFPA standard
  • Electronic copy of training notes
  • NFPA Certificate