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NFPA 25 – 2023 Edition

Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

This seminar focuses on standard’s scope and how requirements are used to ensure water-based fire protection system readiness, conduct system testing, and address impairments.

It is based on time-related activities rather than system activities, making it easier to understand when inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) must be completed. While focusing on facility manager responsibilities, the seminar is still relevant for contractors, building owners, authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), fire and building officials, and other users of the standard.

Available dates
Seminar duration: 1 day {{d.planning.length}} days
Course topics include:
  • Definition and differences of terms inspection, test, and maintenance
  • Assessment of the requirements and procedures for the inspection, testing, and maintenance
  • Defining and identifying examples of impairments, critical deficiencies, and non-critical deficiencies
  • The chapters of NFPA 25 that apply to sprinkler systems including system valves and water supplies
Course content covers the ability to:
  • Recognize the scope and application of NFPA 25.
  • Review the structure of NFPA 25.
  • Define roles and responsibilities of ITM.
  • List tools used in conducting ITM.
  • Locate each sprinkler system from simple to most complex.
  • Recognize impairments and deficiencies.
  • Locate and describe weekly ITM requirements.
Why to attend?

When automatic sprinkler systems don’t perform to expectations, it is almost always due to human error. Among these errors are poor inspection, testing and maintenance, failure to keep the system appropriate to the hazard, and failure to provide for other aspects of building fire protection.

In order to overcome human error, you need to have the right tools and procedures for ITM system. If you are looking for a training to develop an ITM system and/or improve your knowhow on ITM, you are looking at the training program to add value to your fire safety system.

This web-based training program will give you the opportunity to deep dive in NFPA 25 requirements with a multinational participant group with the walk through of NFPA instructor. You will have chance to develop, maintain and sustain a reliable program as a facility owner or maintenance contractor. In addition, you will have a certificate to show that you have the right knowledge about NFPA 25.

Upon completion of this web-based training you will have chance to enter NFPA 25 online exam to certificate your effort and receive an achievement certificate from NFPA when you pass the exam.

Who should attend?

Having a water-based fire protection system will only protect lives and your facility if your system is ready to respond the emergency. ITM is the key to supply this reliability and availability to your system.

Facility maintenance professional, either inhouse or third party, sprinkler system contractors, building owners, enforcement officials, pump suppliers, and AHJs shall attend this training to catch up with the latest developments of the ITM requirements and systems.

What is included?
  • Online access to related NFPA standard
  • Electronic copy of training notes
  • NFPA Participation Certificate
  • NFPA Achievement Certificate (to whom who is successful at the exam)